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Lady Forster Kindergarten - Child Playing Drums

From the moment we became a part of the LFK community, we knew we had made the right choice for our daughter. She adores kinder, her teachers and the beautiful friendships she has formed which is all thanks to the nurturing and happy environment that LFK provides. Every kinder day is a new experience with something exciting to explore and beautiful grounds to play in.

As a teacher of 40 years, I am thrilled that my granddaughter, Ruby, attends Lady Forster Kinder. A wonderful, natural beach environment to explore with play-based learning and incidental teaching, which are the cornerstones of early education. Ruby loves LFK and she is happy to go every day. A happy child is a learning child. A credit to the LFK team.

My daughter absolutely loves her teachers and friends at LFK and is so excited when it's a kinder day. LFK has also been fantastic in accommodating my son who has complex additional needs so he loves LFK too ... and so do I."

Mum of Twins

We were extremely fortunate to stumble upon Lady Forster Kindergarten and profoundly sad when our youngest child finished kinder and we realised that we are not coming back to this place.


My husband and I joked that we should have another child just to be able to come back to Lady Forster Kindergarten.


Rushing to pick up my kids after hectic day at work I was always very surprised by the tranquil and calm atmosphere that greeted me at Lady Forster Kindergarten.


We have had the incredibly good fortune to have three of our children at LFK, and all of them - whilst unique little ones - have absolutely thrived! The staff have nurtured the children in all aspects of their care, always going above and beyond to make their time fun. The outdoor grounds have provided each of them with an inspiring space to learn, play and grow and make lots of friends. Ultimately, they love to go of a morning and hate to leave! We would be lost without LFK: it will always keep a special place in the heart of our family.

Lady Forster Kindergarten is not only an outstanding kindergarten, but they also provide excellent occasional care, holiday care and extended hours for your child. My little MJ has grown so much in emotional and intellectual maturity from the guidance of the staff. With a strong community presence and a focus on learning through play and exploration, this kindergarten is the best you could give to your little ones. My son simply adores the staff and has made many good friends here. We are very grateful. Thank you.

The best kinder!! So educational but personal and caters for individual child's and family needs. Staff demonstrate a genuine interest in the children and are passionate about their learning and enjoyment.

The most amazing kinder, beyond my wildest imagination. The opportunities, adventures and experiences my daughter has been offered has allowed her to grow and thrive and be filled with complete happiness. Every day she comes home and announces: "best day ever!"

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Lady Forster Kindergarten - Child Playing Near Water

LFK is a kindergarten like no other. My son asks; ‘how many more sleeps until kinder’, daily! Even on the weekends haha. This is a testament to the wonderful staff and curriculum. I love hearing my son share his learnings about local plants, nutrition and recycling. LFK honours a child’s right to play and have fun whilst tackling modern day issues. Their Indigenous education is also exceptional!

Parent, Extended Hours Kindergarten

The environment that LFK have created for the children is boundless. Our 3yr old loves it and always comes home with stories about his friends and the adventures they have had.

Parent, 3YO Sessional Kindergarten

My son started early in 2020 and despite being absent for much of the year due to covid restrictions, has had a truly wonderful year at Lady Forster Kindergarten. The staff have really taken the time to get to know him, his likes and dislikes, and have been able to deliver a truly engaging program making each day a pleasure for him. We are very grateful for this enriching lead up to prep.

Parent, Extended Hours Kindergarten

My daughter has thrived at LFK and will miss all the educators very much when she heads to school next year. The quality of the staff, program, and the commitment to caring for the environment and reconciliation is outstanding. As a parent I am always impressed by LFK!

Parent, Extended Hours Kindergarten

LFK is an amazing kindy with a genuine interest in child learning and growth. The entire team at LFK are tremendous. This little community kindy is a real "hidden gem" that should pride itself on the impact it has on our kids. I have had two girls go to this kindy now and the lessons learnt, experiences and community created will forever last in theirs, and our, memories.

Parent, Extended Hours Kindergarten

LFK is a wonderful community kindergarten that we have so valued being a part of for the past few years. We were first attracted by the beach and coastal programs, but there is so much more to this kinder. The staff are caring and nurturing and the focus on play-based learning. The natural environment, sustainability and indigenous culture and traditions are just some of the highlights. Our child has loved being at LFK and has positively thrived. We couldn’t recommend it enough.

Parent, 4YO Sessional Kindergarten

Absolutely wonderful care, loving, fun, & full of connection.

Parent, Sessional 3YO Kindergarten

LFK are doing a magnificent job. My children have attended the kindergarten and I'm so happy that we have been a part of the LFK community. As parents you want your children to skip into kinder and be happy/excited to be there. We have had that with both our children. The natural environment is amazing, and the educators are fantastic. Couldn't be happier.

Parent, 4YO Sessional Kindergarten

LFK has provided a wonderful kindergarten experience for our child. He is an active child who loves the outdoor activities and beach walks. The staff have a very good understanding of his needs.

Parent, Extended Hours Kindergarten

It has been such a pleasure being at Lady Forster Kindergarten - the staff are amazing! All three of my children have been here and they loved it. I will really miss it.

Parent, 4YO Sessional Kindergarten