Policies and Procedures

To comply with the National Educational Law and Regulations, early childhood services are required to have policies and procedures in place relating to the governance and management of the service. At Lady Forster Kindergarten we have 47 policy/procedure documents that cover all areas of operation which are reviewed and updated annually, or more often if required. Printed copies of these are available in each of the Kindergarten rooms for review but electronic copies are also available to enrolled families.

With the dynamic changes brought about by recent climate change events, the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and funding initiatives in the early childhood sector provided by the State Government of Victoria; our Policies and Procedures have been updated early in 2023 to reflect these impacts. Others have been updated to reflect continuous improvement in practices at our kindergarten and across the early childhood sector.

Our full list of Policies and Procedures and review history is here.

Lady Forster Kindergarten Policy Review Table

Policy NumberPolicy NameUpdate VersionQuality AreaMandatory (M)Links to Child Safe Standards
1Curriculum Development1.11
2Inclusion and Equity1.01Y
3Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations1.02M
4Administration of First Aid1.02M
5Administration of Medication1.02
6Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions1.02M
8Child Safe Environment and Wellbeing1.52MY
9Dealing with Infectious Diseases1.52M
10Dealing with Medical Conditions1.02M
11Delivery and Collection of Children1.02M
13Emergency and Evacuation1.22M
14Epilepsy and Seizures1.02
15e-Safety for Children1.02Y
16Excursions and Service Events1.02M
17Family Violence Support1.22
18Food Safety1.02
20Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness1.12M
21Mental Health and Wellbeing1.02Y
22Nutrition, Oral Health and Active Play1.02M
23Relaxation and Sleep1.02M
24Road Safety and Safe Road Transport Policy1.02M
25Sun Protection1.02M
26Supervision of Children1.02
27Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs1.02
28Environmental Sustainability1.03
29Water Safety1.02M
30Occupational Health and Safety1.03M
31Code of Conduct1.24MY
32Determining Responsible Person1.04M
33Participation of Volunteers and Students1.04M
35Interactions with Children1.15MY
36AEnrolment and Orientation – Sessional Kindergarten1.16M
36BEnrolment and Orientation – Extended Hours Kindergarten1.06M
37Compliments and Complaints1.17MY
38AFees – Funded Kindergarten1.17M
38BFees – Long Day Kindergarten1.17M
39Governance and Management of the Service1.07M
40Information Communication Technology1.07Y
41Mandatory Vaccination1.07
42Privacy and Confidentiality1.27MY
43Workplace Violence and Bullying Policy1.07
44Capability Assessment1.03&7
45Free Kindergarten1.07M