Policies and Procedures

To comply with the National Educational Law and Regulations, early childhood services are required to have policies and procedures in place relating to the governance and management of the service. At Lady Forster Kindergarten we have forty policy/procedure documents that cover all areas of operation which are reviewed and updated annually, or more often if required. Printed copies of these are available in each of the Kindergarten rooms for review but are also available to download below.

With the dynamic changes brought about by recent climate change events, the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and the welcome 2021 funding initiatives in the early childhood sector provided by the State Government of Victoria; our Policies and Procedures have been updated early in 2021 to reflect these impacts. Others have been updated to reflect continuous improvement in practices at our kindergarten and across the early childhood sector.

Wherever a document is pending review by our families and approval by our Committee of Management, both the previously approved and the current, updated versions are available for download below.  

2021 Updates

Below you will find previously approved (2020) and updated (2021) versions of the following policies:

  • Policy 2       Inclusion and Equity
  • Policy 19      Nutrition, Oral Health and Active Play
  • Policy 21      Sun Protection
  • Policy 26      Occupational Health and Safety
  • Policy 34      Enrolment and Orientation (2021 Free Kindergarten)
  • Policy 38      Information and Communication Technology

Our full list of Policies and Procedures and review history is here with downloadable versions below:

Lady Forster Kindergarten Policy Review Table

Policy #PolicyMandatory
(M) or Best
Practice (BP)
Review frequency2016 Review Date2017 Review Date2018 Review Date2019 Review Date2020 Review Date2021 Review Date
Quality Area 1Educational Program and Practice
1Curriculum DevelopmentBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Apr 2019Oct 2020
2Inclusion and EquityBPAnnualDecNov 2017Jun 2018Apr 2019Oct 2020Apr 2021
Quality Area 2Children’s Health & Safety
3Acceptance and Refusal of AuthorisationsMAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Jul 2019Oct 2020
4Administration of First Aid
MAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
5Administration of MedicationBPAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
6AnaphylaxisMAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
7AsthmaMAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
8Child Safe EnvironmentMAnnualDecNov 2017Jun 2018Jul 2019Oct 2020
9Dealing with Infectious DiseasesMAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
10Dealing with Medical ConditionsMAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
11Delivery and Collection of ChildrenMAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
12DiabetesMAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
13Emergency and EvacuationMAnnualDecNov 2017Jun 2018Jul 2019Oct 2020
14EpilepsyBPAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
15Excursions and Service EventsMAnnualDecNov 2017Jun 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020
16Food Safety PolicyBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
17HygieneBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
18Incident, Injury, Trauma & IllnessMAnnualDecNov 2017Jul 2018Jul 2019Oct 2020
19Nutrition, Oral Health & Active PlayMAnnualDecNov 2017Jun 2018Jun 2019Oct 2020Apr 2021
20Relaxation and SleepBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
21Sun ProtectionMAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020Apr 2021
22Supervision of ChildrenBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
23Water SafetyMAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
24Animal & Pet PolicyBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
25Road Safety & Road TransportBPAnnualDecNov 2017Aug 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020
Quality Area 3Children’s Health & Safety
26Occupational Health and SafetyMAnnualDecNov 2017Sept 2018Sept 2019Oct 2020Apr 2021
27Environmental SustainabilityBPAnnualDecNov 2017Sept 2018Sept 2019Oct 2020
Quality Area 4Staffing Arrangements
28Code of ConductMAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Oct 2019Oct 2020
29Determining Responsible PersonMAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Oct 2019Oct 2020
30Participation of Volunteers and StudentsMAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Oct 2019Oct 2020
31Staffing (including Qualifications, Supervision and Working with Children Checks/Criminal History Record Checks)MAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Oct 2019Oct 2020
32Staff Health & WellbeingBPAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Oct 2019Oct 2020
Quality Area 5Relationships with Children
33Interactions with ChildrenMAnnualDecNov 2017Sept 2018Sept 2019Oct 2020
Quality Area 6Collaborative Partnerships with Families & Communities
34Enrolment and OrientationMAnnualDecNov 2017Sept 2018Sept 2019Oct 2020Apr 2021
Quality Area 7Leadership and Service Management
35FeesMAnnualDecNov 2017May 2018May 2019Oct 2020
36Governance and Management of the ServiceMAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Nov 2019Oct 2020
37Complaints and GrievancesMAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Nov 2019Oct 2020
38Information and Communication TechnologyBPAnnualDecNov 2017Nov 2018Nov 2019Oct 2020Apr 2021

1. Curriculum Development Policy (v3)

1. LFK Policy Review Table

2. Inclusion and Equity Policy (v3)

2. Inclusion and Equity Policy (v4)

3. Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy (v4)

4. Administration of First Aid Policy (v3)

5. Administration of Medication Policy (v5)

6. Anaphylaxis Policy (v4)

6A. Anaphylaxis Medical Conditions Pack

7. Asthma Policy (v4)

7A. Asthma Medical Conditions Pack

8. Child Safe ENVIRONMENT Policy (v6)

9. Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy (v5)

10. Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy (v5)

10A. Medical Conditions Pack

11. Delivery and Collection of Children Policy (v4)

12. Diabetes Policy (v4)

13. Emergency and Evacuation Policy (v4)

14. Epilepsy Policy (v4)

15. Excursions and Service Events Policy (v4)

16. Food Safety Policy (v3)

17. Hygiene Policy (v3)

18. Incident Injury Trauma Illness Policy (v3)

19. Nutrition, Oral Health and Active Play Policy (v5)

19. Nutrition, Oral Health and Active Play Policy (v6)

20. Relaxation and Sleep Policy (v4)

21. Sun Protection Policy (v4)

21. Sun Protection Policy (v5)

22. Supervision of Children Policy (v3)

23. Water Safety Policy (v3)

24. Animal and Pet Policy

25. Road Safety & Safe Transport Policy (v3)

26. Occupational Health and Safety Policy (v3)

26. Occupational Health and Safety Policy (v4)

27. Environmental Sustainability Policy (v3)

28. Code of Conduct Policy (v4)

29. Determining Responsible Person Policy (v5)

30. Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy (v4)

31. Staffing Policy (v6)

32. Staff Health & Wellbeing Policy

33. Interactions with Children Policy (v4)

34. Enrolment and Orientation Policy – Free Kindergarten 2021 (V5)

34. Enrolment and Orientation Policy (V4)

35. Fees Policy (v5)

36. Governance and Management of the Service Policy (v3)

37. Complaints and Grievances Policy (v3)

38. Information and Communication Technology (v3)

38. Information and Communication Technology (v4)

39. Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (v5)

40. Workplace Violence and Bullying Policy (v1)