LFK Draft Reconciliation Action Plan

LFK has released the first draft of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the kindergarten.

This is a very important commitment to reconciliation for LFK.

There will be refinements to come before our final RAP is submitted to Reconciliation Australia for review/approval, but these documents establish an initial framework for consultation/collaboration/action.

There are three versions of the document all available here:

Summary RAP – a brief overview of the actions that make up our RAP.

Poster RAP – a display version of our RAP on a single page.

Detailed RAP – all the detailed goals and deliverables for each ‘Action’ in our RAP

We’re looking forward to finalising our RAP in 2023 through a consultation process with children, staff and families, along with guidance from local Boonwurrung custodians.

Any feedback can be shared via the CONTACT US – HAVE YOUR SAY button.